ANTi-V 2021 membership + ltd. t-shirts

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Subscription 2021 + ANTi-V limited edition T-shirt set.

2021年度のANTi-Vメンバーシップ + ANTi-V限定T-シャツセット


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ANTIBODIESの発信するNEW MEDIAを毎日堪能してください。

⭐️Attention!!! 9月20日配信に際しまして、メンバーシップ(アクセス権)を銀行振込にてお申し込みされる方は、週末のため当方では確認が取れないため、入金画面のスクリーンショット、もしくはコンビニ支払い表の写メを  info@anti-v.org までお送り下さい。確認次第、すぐ登録のご連絡をいたします。



Tシャツ サイズ cm

S 着丈 70.0 身幅 45.0 袖丈 17.0 肩幅 44.0

M 着丈 72.0 身幅 50.5 袖丈 17.5 肩幅 47.5

L 着丈 75.5 身幅 55.0 袖丈 19.0 肩幅 51.0

XL 着丈 78.5 身幅 60.0 袖丈 20.0 肩幅 58.0

XXL 着丈  82.0身幅 65.0 袖丈 21.0 肩幅 64.0

cotton 100%

Design::Daijiro Hama




Membership includes ANTIBO original T-shirt (shipping included).

You are now an Antibody Member!

Unlimited access to all future videos until the end of December 2021!

Enjoy the NEW MEDIA from ANTIBODIES every day.


⭐️Attention!!! If you would like to subscribe by bank transfer, please send a screenshot of the payment screen or a copy of the convenience store payment slip to info@anti-v.org as we are unable to confirm the payment due to the weekend. We will contact you as soon as it is confirmed.


⭐️If you would like a T-shirt other than size M (L, XL, XXL), you can choose your size.

T-shirt Size

M Length 72.0, Body width 50.5, Sleeve length 17.5, Shoulder width 47.5

L Length 75.5, Body width 55.0, Sleeve length 19.0, Shoulder width 51.0

XL Length 78.5, Body width 60.0, Sleeve length 20.0, Shoulder width 58.0


100% cotton

Design::Daijiro Hama


The example shown is M in natural color.

Additional information

Weight 150 kg

S, M, L, XL, XXL