ANTi-V 2021 membership + Special set

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Subscription 2021 + ANTi-V limited edition special set.

2021年度のANTi-Vメンバーシップ + ANTi-V限定スペシャルセット


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https://anti-v.org/wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=productANTIBOオリジナルTシャツとトートバックに加えてSpecial original goods付き(送料込み)ドネーションメンバーシップ。一点ものgoodsがあなたの元に。これであなたも抗体メンバー!


ANTIBODIESの発信するNEW MEDIAを毎日堪能してください。




Tシャツ サイズ cm

S 着丈 70.0 身幅 45.0 袖丈 17.0 肩幅 44.0

M 着丈 72.0 身幅 50.5 袖丈 17.5 肩幅 47.5

L 着丈 75.5 身幅 55.0 袖丈 19.0 肩幅 51.0

XL 着丈 78.5 身幅 60.0 袖丈 20.0 肩幅 58.0

XXL 着丈  82.0身幅 65.0 袖丈 21.0 肩幅 64.0

cotton 100%

Design::Daijiro Hama



Donation membership includes ANTIBO original T-shirt and tote bag, plus special original goods (shipping included). One-of-a-kind goodies are yours to keep. You are now an Antibody Member!

Unlimited access to all future videos until the end of December 2021!

Enjoy the NEW MEDIA from ANTIBODIES every day.


⭐️Attention!!! If you would like to subscribe by bank transfer, please send a screenshot of the payment screen or a copy of the convenience store payment slip to info@anti-v.org as we are unable to confirm the payment due to the weekend. We will contact you as soon as it is confirmed.


If you would like a T-shirt other than size M (L, XL, XXL), you can choose your size.



T-shirt Size

M Length 72.0, Body width 50.5, Sleeve length 17.5, Shoulder width 47.5

L Length 75.5, Body width 55.0, Sleeve length 19.0, Shoulder width 51.0

XL Length 78.5, Body width 60.0, Sleeve length 20.0, Shoulder width 58.0

XXL Length 82.0, Body width 65.0, Sleeve length 21.0, Shoulder width 64.0

100% cotton

Design::Daijiro Hama


Wearing example is M in natural color.


Additional information

Weight 150 kg