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We regard freedom and independence of media as crucial part of our civil rights. In recent years we have witnessed freedom of expression on the Internet being violated and threatened at an alarming rate, and we have come to realize that it was our collective responsibility to protect what is being demolished in front of our eyes.
COVID-19 pandemic has revealed the fundamental importance of media freedom. We watched the screen as the richest doubling their net-worth while more and more people continued to suffer and die. How immensely perverse and immoral the hegemony and its endgames! A major shift in social consciousness is eminent among us all. We are preparing to depart from such dominating neoliberal platforms as FB and Youtube, and regress to a home-grown multi-media HP on WWW, keeping away the agents of Technocracy, and aim to continue exploring the Dystopia and its hidden potentials.
Today the Internet is infested with divisiveness, intimidation and fear mongering. With censorship in the media we are destined to hate and eventually to endless wars and ever expanding inequality in our world. It is our collective challenge to counter such trends and to share with the world our own sustaining vision of openness and honesty. Resist global technocracy, liberate creativity from all exploitive systems!

- T.Kajiwara



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ショップ(現在は1つのセンターショップのみ プラネット型チャンネルに変更した際はショップも融合分散されるイメージ)



ANTI-V guide & information

This is Yamato Sekiguchi from ANTI-V. The ANTI-BODIES collective's owned media [ANTI-V] is now available on antiv.org. for this time I create a website in a free form, as i wanted, from every corner of the site, from the structure to the design.
As a reaction to the pervasive ubiquity of such electric waves, and also to check our own footing in the current situation where the number of sites is drastically decreasing and the form of output is forcibly changing, we have launched an owned media in the form of ANTI-V.
This is a site with a unique structure, so I thought an explanation would be absolutely necessary before you get used to it, so I'm going to write about it here. I'd be happy if you could read it when you have time.
First of all, did anyone notice the top image of the member site? It's a gif animation of Microsoft's founding site image, in seven colors, upside down. No, it's not malicious. I just thought it would be interesting to think about the founding of Microsoft and our own launch.
I personally feel electricity in crustaceans such as horseshoe crabs, shrimps, and squids when turned upside down.
I've also followed the way the font is included to the fullest extent. These are hinted at in the image below, which was first sent to me in a pass from Bing. (fact about server , send us your feedback, etc.)

The overall taste is based on the theme of #REGRESSIVE , which has become the theme of Antibodies collective in recent years.
This is a personal regressive, because the interpretation of the motto is left to each one of us, - it is fun to make something new by attaching various scattered wreckage, but the turning point has already passed, and the vector of direction has been broken down into multi-perspective or non-perspective. It's not like I'm stagnant, and I can reach anywhere in the network, but what I want now is drive! Then, for example, if I were to go back to the time in my memory about 30 years ago from here, I would of course go back to the answers and scenery that I already know so much about, buzzing back = going forward, but it would also be interesting to ride that speed, and this time the target was this time period and "computer" scenery. It's hard to go fast enough to move towards the unknown when you know a lot of things, especially when you reach easily to everything. Well, that's the reason why the css and graphics are composed while enjoying the regressive speed.

By the way, computers used to freeze all the time!When Photoshop froze, I cried at the shocking feeling of loss, and I remember the picture clearly.I remember the picture clearly.I'm going to save it for now.
The top page also has a list of movies, a channel, a banner button, a slide, and a link footer at the bottom. It's a simple system.
The word "channel" has been introduced, and there are channels as the word implies, where each curator is in charge of coloring the contents, and there are currently several channels by ANTIBO, a sound program by Pirates fm [regressive fm], which has often appeared during past antibodies events, and a channel by the label [a nice form] curated by Ryohei Minami. a channel [DIMENSION BLANK] focusing on experimental video that I'm yamato sekiguchi curated, a fortune-telling and sound meditation channel by jon(dog), and various other channels in preparation.

         ..I was thinking about something else for a while. I was easily distracted. 
In each channel, the programs are listed in order of newest to newest, and each channel will have its own store in the future. It's like a bandcamp, where there are contents and stores. It's easy to say, but hard to make. However, I'd like to see independent channels and contents standing side by side. I'd like to make it happen.
On the store page, for example, there is still a course called T=shirt + subs, but yes, there is also a "store" content.
You have already purchased this, but each product now comes with a membership that lasts until the 31st of December. You can get the membership automatically when you purchase. It's included in the product.
The current page says subscription, but technically, this purchase is a "membership" with an end.

For starters, this one also ends with membership, which is not automatically renewed, so it's a buy-out until December.
But even with pay-as-you-go, there are still days until next year, and the site is just getting started! The site has just begun! In addition to the content, we are planning to start from scratch with a name your price style from free price, guest coupons for each channel, and an original social networking service next year. The structure of the channel, programs, and site will continue to develop in challenging ways.
Rather than having channels lined up under one big umbrella, my goal is to have each channel have its own center of gravity, like a collection of portals searching for a weightless point of equilibrium. In order to do that, we need more content and more ideas. I think it would be good to have a collective form of each channel lined up in a row. I'd like it to be an organization that floats above the ground without doing anything, and slowly and permanently rotates on its own. I think so. I'm sorry, I've digressed again.

LOGO > Top

Channel--> Program List

Movie List (sounds, files)

Stores (currently only one central store; stores will be merged and distributed when the channel is converted to a planet-type channel)


Accounts (login, logout, change password, etc.)

Contact us, About the site, Call for content, Privacy.

this is the full view of the site now(sitemap). I think a truly pristine condition has been set. I just hope the soil is easy to grow in!

By the way, the site logo, which has an interesting ice climber-like 8-bit iciness, was made by Kanako, and was chosen at great speed. I think the meaning was something like "antibo-tv". Personally, I'm just always fascinated by the letter V.

This is the description of the site so far. I wish the result is a unique design that makes you wonder. If there are any problems, please let me know using the form. I'll fix it. Also, please feel free to use the form to send us any encouragement you may have, or any "requests" you may have. We will consider them and reflect them. If there is something interesting, we would like to create it together. Of course, the management staff is working very hard to manage members, create products, and ship them. The content team is also hard at work. We are also looking for people who can work together to create it. We are looking forward to hearing from you through the form!

Also, for those of you who have purchased and entered the site, you can take something home to your desk during the period, I think the actual t-shirts and totes were at the entrance of the site, but I think it will probably take the form of digital content, but I'm sure by the end of December something will drop, anything! I'll do my best to get it dropped! 

Thank you for your support. Thank you for your patience! - Yamato Sekiguchi